June 9, 2015

Sam's 2 Year Shoot | Seattle Children Photographer | Issaquah, WA

Here is a familiar face… my little baby boy!! I cannot believe Sam turned 2 last month. It is crazy to think how quickly he is growing. Each day that passes, I see more toddler and less baby, which makes this mama very sad because he is my last! I just want to freeze time forever. Okay, maybe not during his fabulous terrible two moments, but all the other innocent and precious times need to slow down.

We set out to a nearby town for his very quick shoot. Issaquah is such a beautiful place and so many gorgeous fields along the main roads. I always drive by, saying, "Oh that field would be a great place to take photos!" So, what better time to take advantage of one then now? I fell in love with the location and it will definitely be a frequent shoot spot for me. 

Sam was definitely his 2 year old self, not wanting to sit still. I thought his little tricycle would make for a cute photo prop so we can always remember his extreme love for cars, trains, bikes… anything with wheels!! And, in the end, the tricycle was perfect to get him to sit still for a few moments. 

His older brothers, Jack and Max, came along to help. And much to my surprise, they wanted to be in photos and even model for me!!!! What?!!! That has NEVER happened! I usually have to get them prepared weeks before, bribing them with all sorts of desserts and treats. I was shocked, but hey, I will take it! They may have had dirty shoes, messy hair, and no coordinating outfits, but that's what I love about it!!

Enjoy photos of these guys. They are my everything and when I look at how handsome and big they are getting, I can't help but smile. I am one lucky mama!!!

The "A" Boys | Seattle Children Photographer | Lake Wilderness Park, WA

These 2 little guys met me at a nearby park in Maple Valley, WA for an outdoor mini session. I had the pleasure of photographing little Liam a couple months ago at my home studio, so it was so fun meeting his older brother Luke. Those 2 are such characters!!

I can't believe the cooperation I got from the both of them in just our short time together. We even had mom and Grandma jump in for some fun! Here are a few of my favorites…