October 31, 2014

Baby Lennex | Seattle Newborn Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

17 day old, Baby Lennex, came in for a newborn session last week and man was she just the cutest!!! Judging by her alertness and curiosity, you could definitely tell she was a bit older than I usually photograph for newborn sessions. When they hit that 12-14 day old mark, it's a little more challenging getting them into that deep sleep and being able to get them into those squishy poses without startling them. However, I think we ended the session perfectly!! We got some beautiful photos, and you would never guess she was awake most of the session!!!

Lennex is the youngest of 4, so I am looking forward to working with this family again in the future. Enjoy some of my favorites from her session…

October 19, 2014

Jaxon is ONE | Seattle Baby Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

I am so happy Jaxon and his family found me and I was able to photograph his one year session here at my studio in Maple Valley, WA. Before we got smashing, we took some much needed photos of the birthday boy with mom and dad… they were in need of a good pic of the 3 of them, so I am happy they asked me to fit that in. Although Jaxon was a little antsy, I think it made for some perfect, simple pics!

I always warn my clients when they come in for a cake smash; these are my most unpredictable shoots. More often then not, we are forcing them to indulge!! I know, that will definitely change over the next year for these babes!!! But, for those who haven't ate much of any sweets their entire first 12 months, it can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. That's when the baby snack trick comes in. Jaxon may appear to be eating cake, but no one would ever know we stuffed some Cherrios in the cake. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone ;). 

Here are just some of my favorites…

October 7, 2014

Super Malaki's Cake Smash | Seattle Baby Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

Wow!! I cannot believe it has been a year already. Malaki was one of the first few newborns I photographed here in Seattle, and that honestly seems like it was just last month!! I've had the pleasure of taking both his newborn photos and his 6 month photos, and now his 1 year cake smash!!

Superhero was the theme for this session and we first got some adorable shots as him disguised as Clark Kent. After, we went straight for the cape and cake! I got a little crafty (thanks for the help, friend!) and made a bunting out of comic books… don't worry, they were older cheap ones. For a few moments, we used a stack of comic books from my husband's collection, being so very careful not to get frosting on them, as the cake stand. I think it all came together nicely.

Little Malaki was VERY unsure of what we put in front of him. More often then not, my cake smash babes are not fond of this huge, sugary object we force them to eat!! Shame on us for making these innocent children eat and smash cake ;). However, as promised, the photos turned out adorable and one would have no idea Super Malaki wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of it!!

Happy Birthday, buddy!! It has been a pleasure watching you grow through my lens.