November 1, 2015

Clayton | Cake Smash | Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Look who is ONE!!!! My youngest nephew, Mr. Clayton James!!! 

Aunt Ashley flew in just to take his one year photos. One of our sessions was his cake smash shoot. I am so happy we went with the lumberjack theme because that little belly with suspenders are to die for! 

He was a little under the weather, but that didn't stop him from looking as adorable as ever. My sister did great with the props and I am happy I delivered on the cake. 

Happy 1st birthday, buddy!

October 31, 2015

My Family | Batman Family Halloween Costumes | Maple Valley, WA

Halloween is a favorite holiday in this household! As often as we can (and, for as long as our kids will allow it), we love to coordinate costumes. 

With 3 boys, it was so fun to do a Batman theme. Daddy was overjoyed to jump in and dress as Commissioner Gordon. As wet and rainy as it was, I am so happy to have everyone cooperate for a quick pic in a great alley we found in Enumclaw. 

August 27, 2015

Cynthia is TWO | Seattle Child Photographer | Issaquah, WA

Remember this perfect little face?! It seems like I just did Cynthia's one year shoot, and now she is TWO!!! She just gets cuter and cuter. I know, I know… the most beautiful eyes and lips!

We met in Issaquah at one of my favorite spots. I had my handy-growing hubby throw together a DIY teepee and that set up came together nicely! Perfect with the location. We then went with a vintage coca-cola theme and Cynthia just made that all look perfect!!! I am very pleased with her session. Although we had a bit of a meltdown towards the end, Cynthia was one amazing, cooperative two year old. Following direction, staying put, and constant eye contact… I couldn't ask for much more!! 

Enjoy some from her session..

August 26, 2015

Ian 8 Days | Seattle Newborn Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

I am so happy we did maternity photos as early as we did because baby Ian came 3 weeks early!! What a surprise! And I was just so impressed at how calm these new parents took the sudden, early change in their lives seeing as they were just about to move! I guess the little guy didn't want to miss all the action.

Ian's newborn session went absolutely perfect and we zoomed through it all in just a couple hours, not even seeing his eyes open at all! I love it when that happens. Daddy is a chef (at one of my favorite places!), so I had to put something cute together for a pic. Cutest little baby in a pot! They cooked up one adorable little guy.

August 25, 2015

Kennady 7 Days | Seattle Newborn Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

I am so thankful and happy when I have people book with me based off recommendations from others. And, this family was recommended by a friend from Cali, which made it a "very small world" situation! 

Kennady came into the world a big girl at 9 pounds... I LOVE me some BIG babies!! Those few extra pounds make quite the difference when getting that tight swaddle, but those rolls are worth it! I am so happy we spent a good amount of time getting some parent shots because they are just so simple, pure, and beautiful. These new parents were so in love with their new little one and it just put a smile on my face. 

Kennady was a very good girl for me and I hope I see her again in the future. Enjoy some of my favorites…

Ryder is ONE | Seattle Baby Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

I met little Ryder for the first time at his one year shoot a couple weeks ago. Lets just say he was having a VERY shy day. After struggling to get him to warm up and out of mom's arms for quite some time, I wasn't quite sure we would ever get him where we needed to!! But, little by little, he got less and less afraid, although staying very timid throughout. 

We introduced the cake, and, like every cake smash session, I didn't know what to expect. Some babies dig right in, but more often than not, there are babies that want nothing to do with it. After some of my failed tricks, I busted out a spoon and that solved the problem…. Ryder was having a great time with that!!! 

All in all, Ryder had such an adorable session. I loved the Dr. Seuss theme, as that was the theme of my little guys' cake smash session. Happy 1st Birthday, Ryder!!

August 10, 2015

Archer 6 Months | Seattle Baby Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

It has been 6 months since I have photographed Archer for his newborn session and he has grown into such a little ham! At just 6 months old, he is so full of personality and charm. I just love happy, chunky babes!! Going through his session shots just puts a smile on my face… he has a different, adorable expression in each one. 

Another 6 months seems so far away, but like this shoot, his 12 month session will be here before we know it. I have a feeling he will be a very active one, but full of smiles!!