March 24, 2013

My Maternity Shoot

Being a professional photographer usually means you NEVER ever get to have nice photos taken of yourself. Even with the casual snap shots at holidays and family gatherings, I am never in any photos.

But, I am really trying to change that. And by that, I am doing my best to train my husband, Cameron, whenever possible on the new techniques I learn almost everyday as a growing photographer. Cameron does great at assisting, but gets a little nervous when I encourage him to take control over the camera. I think it's because of the pressure I put on him to do perfect.

So, I put him in charge of my maternity photos. I did the job of picking location, lighting, attire, posing, and even camera settings. All he had to do was focus the camera, somewhat direct, and shoot!!! It was definitely a team effort, especially since my boys weren't willing to cooperate 100%.

I am so pleased with the few good shots he got....

March 17, 2013

Bride-to-Be {Boudoir Shoot}

One of my most favorite shoots... boudoir!!! I especially love doing these for brides, hoping to really surprise their husbands-to-be on their wedding day with sexy photos.

This beautiful lady actually came to my house this time (I LOVE the lighting and space in my bedroom) and we got so many different poses. At the end of the shoot, she never felt better about herself. That's the goal!!!

March 3, 2013

Baby Zoe {Newborn Shoot}

I could not wait for this photo shoot!!! My very best friend struggled along with me to get pregnant, and surprisingly, we got to be pregnant at the same time... she delivered just a few months before my expected due date.

Baby Zoe is going to be one very spoiled little girl. She has 3 older brothers that already love her to death!! This was an awesome shoot...