March 24, 2013

My Maternity Shoot

Being a professional photographer usually means you NEVER ever get to have nice photos taken of yourself. Even with the casual snap shots at holidays and family gatherings, I am never in any photos.

But, I am really trying to change that. And by that, I am doing my best to train my husband, Cameron, whenever possible on the new techniques I learn almost everyday as a growing photographer. Cameron does great at assisting, but gets a little nervous when I encourage him to take control over the camera. I think it's because of the pressure I put on him to do perfect.

So, I put him in charge of my maternity photos. I did the job of picking location, lighting, attire, posing, and even camera settings. All he had to do was focus the camera, somewhat direct, and shoot!!! It was definitely a team effort, especially since my boys weren't willing to cooperate 100%.

I am so pleased with the few good shots he got....

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