July 11, 2014

Maple Valley Photographer | Seattle Photographer {My Family Session}

Like many photographers, I don't spend near as much time as I should getting professional photos taken of my own family. Yes, I am able to get tons of daily snapshots of my little ones, but taking the time and effort to organize a real photo session just never seems to happen!! So, from here on out, I will make it a tradition to do a yearly family photo.

Because our little Sam was turning one, I also needed a really nice one year pic besides the Dr. Seuss cake smash photos we captured for his birthday party invites. So, what better time to start our family photo tradition than now??

One thing I love about the Seattle area is the year round greenery. Can't find fields like this in Southern California, that's for sure. {I know a lot of photographers are very secretive about their locations, but that's not me, so here ya go…} Ft. Steilacoom Park was a photographer's dream… a location I've been searching for years! Acres upon acres of tall grass, dirt pathways, flower fields, and even old abandoned barn buildings. This is a must to reshoot at. So happy I found it!!

There's one word that sums up our family session… exhausting!!!! My tripod and wireless remote is definitely a lifesaver in times like these, but not having a body behind the camera makes for lots of surprises when viewing what was captured. My older boys sure do love to force that smile of theirs. Something about mommy's camera makes them very nervous and they just can't look naturally happy. So, we sat there in front of the tripod while I shot off hundreds of pics. One has got to come out, right??

Taking everything into consideration, mommy got what she wanted and I promised not to torture them for another year. Ok, I lied… we'll have to have a mini shoot at Christmas time. Here is a preview of my family!!

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