January 12, 2015

Baby Ethan | Seattle Newborn Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

Boy oh boy, did I hit the jackpot with this little guy! He was THE BEST newborn I have photographed to date. I feel very spoiled. Little Ethan didn't mind sleeping the entire time and nothing in the world could disturb him. The few moments he was awake was all too precious and just as still as can be. I absolutely adored everything about this shoot. Thank you, Ethan!!

Mom and dad were just gorgeous and I am so pleased with the family shots we got. Even with furry, big sister Lucy, we got perfect photos. I am so happy how the new year is coming along for me. It really gets me excited for all the babies due soon. I really want to focus and continue to grow with each shoot. 

Here are just SOME of my favorites!!

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