April 10, 2015

Malaki's 18 Month Session | Seattle Child Photographer | Lakewood, WA

I was so excited to go back to shoot at Ft. Steilacoom with all the fields of tall grass, but much to my disappointment, they just mowed it ALL!! If someone out there knows their mowing schedule, I would love for you to get in touch with me to get me informed. Thanks!!!

Anyway, we still had a great scenery for Malaki's 18 month session. I have photographed him a handful of times since he was just 8 days old. And, now, that gets to continue because he is going to be a big brother!!! Mom and dad just found out they are having another boy, so we attempted some announcement photos. 

Mr. Malaki was not a fan of anything this day. I think he fears me more and more with each session. We struggled quite a bit, but managed to get some smiles in between the tears. Mom and dad were troopers like always!!

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