December 7, 2014

Welcome Baby Clayton | Seattle Newborn Photographer | Southern California

I had the pleasure of visiting family in California last month for the arrival of my nephew, Clayton!! I am so happy I didn't have to miss this big moment. I was in the hospital room, camera in hand, as soon as we were welcomed back. We got some amazing shots with big brother Greyson who was oh so gentle and cuddly with his new baby brother. I LOVE hospital sessions like these… I really need to start doing them for clients!!

Clayton got home less than 24 hours before my plane ride back to Washington. We weren't expecting to be able to get any newborn shots in at home, but I am always prepared!! 2 hours prior to boarding my plane with my 3 boys, we had a quick 30 minute newborn session with 3 day new, Clayton. It was pretty incredible that we got 2 poses in there. Greyson wasn't too interested in taking photos that morning, but we did the best we could! I also attempted my first composite with Clayton and a baseball… I definitely could practice that a bit more, but overall, we were successful given the circumstances.

Enjoy all of these beautiful favorites of mine!!

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