August 25, 2015

Ryder is ONE | Seattle Baby Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

I met little Ryder for the first time at his one year shoot a couple weeks ago. Lets just say he was having a VERY shy day. After struggling to get him to warm up and out of mom's arms for quite some time, I wasn't quite sure we would ever get him where we needed to!! But, little by little, he got less and less afraid, although staying very timid throughout. 

We introduced the cake, and, like every cake smash session, I didn't know what to expect. Some babies dig right in, but more often than not, there are babies that want nothing to do with it. After some of my failed tricks, I busted out a spoon and that solved the problem…. Ryder was having a great time with that!!! 

All in all, Ryder had such an adorable session. I loved the Dr. Seuss theme, as that was the theme of my little guys' cake smash session. Happy 1st Birthday, Ryder!!

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