March 7, 2015

Baby Eleanor | Seattle Newborn Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

I had to have 18 day new baby Eleanor come to my home studio a week later then planned due to me getting very sick. I always get worried about myself catching a nasty bug, especially with having 2 of my boys going to school and bringing home wonderful germs!! Moms aren't supposed to get sick, right?! Well, I get pretty lucky most of the time, but this time around I wasn't so lucky. Thankfully, little Eleanor was still posable and cooperative for me. After they get around 12-14 days old, newborn shoots can be a little more tricky, but I am happy we made it work.

Little Eleanor also brought her little sister Reese (who was a rockstar of a 2 year old) and first born, Roxy the dog! I think we got pretty cute family pics. Here are my favorites…

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