March 28, 2015

William's 3 Month | Seattle Baby Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

Yes, William is already 3 months old!!! He seriously was just here for his newborn session

3 month sessions are challenging for us photographers for many reasons. As most parents know, tummy time isn't favored by many, but that's only one of a few poses you can really do at this age. Little William had the hardest time lifting that head of his, but that look he gave me during the second attempt at a belly pose was priceless. 3 month olds also are just starting to explore with their hands and arms. This little guy cracked me up the entire mini shoot because he was so interested in his clenched fist! It was an amazing sight to him! 

Although little William wasn't in the mood for smiles, I promise at his 6 month session to see some happy gums!

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