August 11, 2014

Baby Deason | Seattle Newborn Photographer | Maple Valley, WA

5 day new, Deason, came to my home studio here in Maple Valley last week for his newborn session. Mommy is a photographer herself, so I was really flattered that she chose me to photograph her little one. It is really hard to understand how intense newborn photography can be until you are actually present for one. I have so many parents leave a newborn shoot with the thought of, "Wow… I didn't know it took that much." Yes, it sometimes does. We can't force our newborns to sleep when they don't want to sleep, pose when they don't want to pose, and not pee or poo when they need to pee or poo. Getting a newborn that doesn't open their eyes for the entire 2-3 hour shoot (yes, it is completely normal to take 3 hours for a newborn session) is like winning the lottery for the photographer… it just rarely happens. Those cute, peaceful poses don't always come easy. And patience is a virtue!!!

With that said, during the first half of the shoot, mommy started to get very nervous that Deason just wasn't going to have anything to do with it. But, as I always promise, photographer always wins!!! Mom and dad were great sports and were so patient with me. I am glad they kept the faith that I was gonna get it done. After a big fight from this strong little guy, we got it. And boy did we get it good… I have so many favorite shots!

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